5 Massage Devices That Therapists Don’t Want You to Know About

Blair Singer (fictitious name) first noticed a dull pain in her neck and shoulders. Working from home was her new reality and her makeshift office was far from perfect. So she ignored the pain.  But then, after sitting for a few hours, she began to get lower back ache which crept into her pelvic area and then her legs. It seemed that everyday something was hurting where it never had before. 

She’s not alone.

5 Massage Devices That Therapists Don't Want You to Know About
In many cases, massage can bring relief, but in today’s COVID-19 environment, your favorite therapist may not be available.

In the past two months, millions of people have been forced to work from home. If you’re lucky, you have an ergonomically designed home office, but you’d be in the minority. Rather than office desks and chairs, most people are having to choose between sofas, beds, kitchen tables, or the floor, moving less than ever before in smaller spaces. And for many of us, it’s having a devastating impact on our bodies.

Lower back discomfort may affect the sciatic nerves which travel through the pelvic girdle and buttocks and continue down the back of the leg to the foot.  This chart of the sciatic nerve illustrates how the nerves are affected.

Massage Can Help

In many cases, massage can bring relief, but in today’s COVID-19 environment, your favorite therapist may not be available. But there are great options available. The good news is that even after spas reopen, you can use these highly affordable devices at home as often as needed with no additional cost. An appreciated gift for yourself, the seniors in your life or your bestie.

Here are five of the best..

  1. Shiatsu Neck Massager with Heat

This is one of my favorites, both my husband and I use the Shiatsu Massager it several times per week. It provides a very deep massage using powerful rollers that move clockwise and then counter-clockwise. I like the handles that you slip your hands into. They allow you to customize exactly where and how deeply you want the massage to go. It is especially good for the occipitalis area; you know, those tight muscles where the base of the scalp meets the neck. It gets in there and really releases those muscles.

Available at Well Sleep Relax. Priced at 49.95  Free Shipping.

2. Infrared Vibration Relaxation Massage Pillow

Turn your bed into a nightly massage center with an ergonomically designed massage pillow. Imagine using this every other night to release your kinked up neck muscles. Think about how many hours you spend on your computer with your head at a poor angle. Your body will thank you. Deep rollers work clockwise and counter-clockwise to knead out the tightness. The kidney bean design makes it perfect for use on the abdomen thighs and calves too.


Infrared Vibration Relaxation Massage Pillow
Deep kneading rollers quickly eliminate pain and tension from the neck.

Available at Well Sleep Relax. Priced at 47.99  Free Shipping.

3. Electric Dolphin Body Massage

A lightweight hand-held dolphin unit offers a variety of vibration modes to deliver relief from pain. Different attachments allow you to customize your treatment using exact pinpoint application. Designed with an easy-grip handle for smaller hands and long enough to get to hard to reach areas that hold stress. Neck, shoulder, back, legs, and soles of feet will benefit from this multi-functional device.

Available at Well Sleep Relax. Priced at 41.99 Free Shipping.

4. Multi-functional Heated Car & Chair Body Massager

If you work from home, spend long hours at your desk or drive an Uber, you will absolutely LOVE this full body massage & heat pad. This must-have unit makes any work seating ergonomic. Massage and heat create a luxurious treatment for your neck, back and legs. Must have to make every day so much more comfortable.


Available at Well Sleep Relax. Priced at 44.00  Free Shipping.

5. Powerful Deep Tissue Massage Gun

This is the device that pro athletes keep in their gym bag. You may have seen them using a massage gun on the football field or basketball court because it is powerful.  This muscle massage gun is used by many therapists for the deep muscle relief it delivers.  The attachments target problem areas to release tight muscles in seconds.  It is portable, quiet and is one of the most effective pain relievers on the market after a strenuous workout. If you work out, or sit for long hours and have sore glutes this may be the exact device for you.

Available at Well Sleep Relax. Priced at 99.95  Free Shipping.