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Sexual Wellness for Women is the Hottest Trend for 2021 (and guess what we have)

At the end of 2020 the Global Wellness Summit announced that women’s sexual health was one of their six top wellness trends. For many it came as no surprise. At the end of 2019, lifestyle site, Well + Good had forecasted that the next year would bring a “sex-positive revolution”. The raunchy-feminist series Fleabag had just scored four Emmy awards, porn consumption was trending upward for viewers of all identifications, and women were snatching up sex toys at greater rates than ever in the pursuit of personal pleasure. And when COVID-19 first hit, it quickly became clear that the deadly virus would only fast-track our pleasure prediction to come true.

With many aspects of foreplay and intercourse deemed risky for spreading COVID-19—and casual hookups completely out of the question—the general consensus became: Have sex with yourself or with someone (like a significant other or quarantine partner) who you’re willing to entrust with your health and well-being. To be sure, those boundaries haven’t squelched the fire of fire passion; rather, many have used their time stuck inside as an opportunity to conduct some field research on their pleasure preferences.

Here are five of the most popular selfcare devices women are adding to their wellness repertoire. Why not gift yourself and your bestie. All are privacy packaged. Enjoy!

WSR 10 Speed 2 in 1 Vibrator


WSR 10 Speed 2 in 1 Vibrator

This waterproof silicone wonder stimulates using suction (uh huh) and vibration featuring 10 vibration patterns. Reviews are as compelling as they are hilarious-“..this damn toy is frickin AMAZING. Oh my gosh. I think I’m addicted to this thing. lmao. (SHOP HERE)

Huge Magic Wand Vibrator

Sometimes bigger is better! A classic favorite around the world, this vibrator also doubles as a neck and back massager. Choose from 10 different speeds. Rechargeable so no pesky batteries to deal with. And take advantage of the soft flexible head. (SHOP HERE)



WSR 7 Mode Flicker Vibrator

This little gem means business! The swirling airflow formed by the vacuum vibration surrounds you with gentle sensation. Plus its smart tongue will maximize your sense of pleasure. What else do you really need to know? (SHOP HERE)



Jessica Rabbit 12 Function Rabbit Vibrator

Ten strong vibration modes, two rotation modes. It’s the silent and stealthy master of the big O. Soft silicone keeps things comfy. Battery operated for that old-school vibe. This hard worker may be the only thing you need. (SHOP HERE)

7 Speed Magic Wand Body Massager

What’s your pleasure? This 7 speed super soft wonder is the candy shop of vibrators. With three colors and five styles to pick from it’s impossible to buy just one. Water resistant, one hand off and on for easy handling and super quiet. Get one for your bestie too. (SHOP HERE)