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It has never been more challenging to maintain wellness, improve sleep and totally relax. Fueled by digital devices, the internet, and the global economy, the obstacles will increase going forward.

This is our life. We were both born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and in 2013 received an opportunity to work in Asia. I’m a global spa trainer and Norm is a digital marketer so we believed we could work from anywhere in the world.

Multiple time zones, passports, visas, and 24-hour plus travel itineraries became part of our daily existence.

And there were lots of questions…

The family wondered how will you relax and reduce stress living on the other side of the world?
Our friends asked, how will you sleep after making such long flights and time in airports?
Many colleagues inquired what products and tools will you use to maintain the wellness of mind and body?

As we’ve traveled and talked to people around the world, the conversations are frequently about the challenges of wellness, sleep, and relaxation in our global environment.

So, we launched with the idea of providing some answers. We began with the idea of stocking products to specifically help address those issues. We never imagined the world would be altered by a pandemic which makes these solutions even more important:

Wellness – Promotes positive lifestyle behaviors, such as working out or eating right. In today’s “always-on” global economy, people are busier than ever.

Sleep – Improved sleep is essential to our health and wellness. Today many of us are constantly tired. What are some tips to improve your sleep?

Relax – The Holy Grail of modern living. Techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, yoga, tai chi, exercise, good sex, and great food can help us to relax.

We combined a blog and our online store on this site.

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They include:

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We hope that you’ll find our items interesting and helpful. Join us on this journey and share the information with your own network. Check out our blog posts for more information.

Visit us frequently to try the new products and favorites we discover for you.


Linda & Norm