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9 Ways Men Can Bring Romance to Shelter in Place

For many couples, shelter in place can be hard. Even if you were both working from home before COVID-19, there’s something about mandatory togetherness 24/7 that can feel claustrophobic and hard to take.

When your only respite is a trip to the grocery store, 30-minute meditation in the bedroom or catching a smoke on your balcony, even the best relationship can become strained.  Folks can get snippy or downright nasty to each other.

Women may have it easier. When we get in our feelings and take frustrations out on family members, we have tried and true ways to calm the atmosphere. We can prepare a great meal or just be more nurturing.

With men, apologies may not come so easily. However, there are gestures that guys can take to say they’re sorry and express appreciation of their partner. Even if finances are tight, here are 9 actions guaranteed to make her glad she’s in social isolation with you.

1. Foot rub

Make this an event by dimming the lights and using heated oil or lotion. Cover your thighs with a thick towel so she can prop her feet up. Don’t be shocked if she falls into a deep sleep before it’s over.

2. Neck and Shoulder Massage

This is especially good if she’s on the computer a lot. Begin at the base of her skull – a lot of tension is held there. Work your way down her neck to her upper arms, shoulders and shoulder blades. Spend at least 10 minutes.

3. Prepare breakfast

Don’t attempt anything new. But no cold cereal either. If your specialty is hot cereal fancy it up with sliced or dried fruit, brown sugar, and milk. Eggs and toast will also do just fine.

4. Sweet talk

Remember how you used to talk to her at the beginning of your relationship? Dust that off and do it again.

5. Put the dishes away

There is nothing more delightful than being relieved from the tedium of removing dishes from the drainboard or dishwasher. Do this on the regular at least twice a week. After all, they’re your dishes too.

6. Play favorite her R & B music and slow dance with her

7. Hug her from behind

Use this opportunity to share two things that you genuinely appreciate about her.

8. Make her a mid-day -tea or coffee exactly how she likes it.

Bonus points if it’s served on a tray with saucer and napkin

9. Proclaim your love with something surprisingly affordable and exquisitely pretty. 

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You don’t need to break the bank to make her feel appreciated, or express your love. Make her feel like the beautiful Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle with a luxurious piece of jewelry. Watch her eyes light up.