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Everything You Need To Know About Video Meetings

The number of people working from home increased dramatically this week due to coronavirus.

For many, the sudden edict of remote work is a welcome change they’ve always wanted. No commutes! Flexible schedule! Unscheduled breaks!

Along with remote work comes the need to attend video meetings. Remote Zoom or Skype calls for work are different from that late-night Facetime with your bestie in Philadelphia. This is work and there are certain considerations to be aware of to present your best self.

Light Yourself Pretty

As a general rule, avoid fluorescent lights, which can cast unflattering shadows. Avoid overhead lights, too, as they can create dark under eye shadows.

Place your primary light source behind your camera. This way, the light and the camera point in the same direction. You could also use two light sources behind the camera, one on the right side, one on the left.

Capture Your Upper Body

For the most flattering angle, the camera should be placed at your eye level. If you are using a laptop, place something beneath it to raise it until your eyes are at the same level as the camera lens.

Your upper torso and entire face should be viewable.

Clear Your Space

Whether you are at home or in a formal office, make sure your background is uncluttered and professional. Less is more.

Sit at your desk and take a selfie or a screenshot of what others see in your background. Remove clutter. Even better, use a clean neutral wall or invest in a screen if you know that conference calls are part of your future.

Dress your best

Resist the temptation to don casual wear for your video meeting. It’s important to look crisp and professional from the waist up (because let’s face it, that’s the only part they see.) Waist Up Tops is a curated collection of tops that ranges from sizes small to 5xl.

Asymmetrical top S-3xl

They’ll give you the look and comfort you’ll love no matter how long your meeting lasts.

Check your appearance, teeth, hair, and makeup one last time before signing on.

Good luck with your meeting.