Gyms Have Closed Due to Corona. Now Whatcha Gonna Do?

My sister gets up every morning at 4:45 am on the dot and is out the door by 5 headed to her gym. Now that it’s closed due to corona, I’m sure that she and other folks like her are feeling frustrated.

But there are plenty of exercises you can do at home with minimal equipment to get a full-body workout including some cardio.

Burpees are the king of at-home exercises according to experts

No matter where you are in the fitness spectrum, there aren’t many things are so simple but have such a profound effect as a burpee.”

Starting with a set of burpees that will be challenging but doable for you based on your fitness level — five to 10 is a good starting point. Then, follow it up with the same number of push-ups, squats, and mountain climbers. Repeat several times for an easy total body workout.

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