Sexiest Mustache Styles to Wear With a Face Mask

Women love men with facial hair. Especially mustaches. We have only to look at the past 10 covers of People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” issue as proof. Every guy with the exception of Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock had facial hair.

The coronavirus pandemic has created challenges for many facial hair wearers that go beyond mere upkeep and skin care.Β  The issue is with the mask; it is only as good as its’ ability to cover. A mask with gaps can allow germs and bacteria to escape, which defeats the purpose. Different styles of facial hair like the Handlebar, Walrus, or Zorro mustaches work well as they are sexy and still allow the necessary impenetrable seal to be formed.




However, other styles like full out beards may be more problematic. While we aren’t in any way suggesting that you head for your bathroom right now to perform major surgery on your carefully cultivated whiskers, it’s a smart move to take a second look at the fit of your mask.

Using a handheld mirror, check the sides and under your chin to see how much gap there is. If sideburn hair is causing a loose fit, it might be worthwhile for the sake of everyone’s health, to lightly trim the excess hair until your mask is more snug on your face. Don’t fear cleanup because the man bathroom apron makes it fast and tidy.


Using the man bathroom apron makes cleanup fast and easy
Using the man bathroom apron makes cleanup fast and easy


If you have questions, this great chart from the Center For Disease Control (CDC) can serve as a guide.