The Great Beach Chair Escape: How to Break Free from the Clutches of Low Seats

So, you’ve taken a trip to the beach. There you are lying under the beach umbrella, looking ever so cute in your swimsuit and matching hat. It’s hot so you decide to go for a quick swim. You sit up and realize that you cannot get out of the lounge chair. Its five damn inches from the ground and your thigh muscles aren’t what they used to be. Do you:

  1. Roll out and risk tipping the chair over?
  2. Continue to sweat?
  3. Cry?
  4. Call for help on your cell phone?

Sorry we can’t help you now.. but we do have a solution for the future.

They’re called high rise beach chairs.

Also known as tall beach chairs or high seat beach chairs, are designed to provide elevated seating for better visibility and comfort at the beach or any outdoor setting. These chairs are typically taller than standard beach chairs, allowing the person sitting in them to have a better view of their surroundings, including the ocean, without having to strain their neck or stand up.

High rise beach chairs often feature a higher seat height, adjustable backrest positions, and additional features such as cup holders, storage pouches, and canopies for sun protection. They are usually constructed with lightweight and durable materials such as aluminum or steel frames and weather-resistant fabrics, making them suitable for outdoor use.

The elevated seating position of high rise beach chairs can be particularly beneficial for people with mobility issues or those who prefer a more upright seating posture. The higher seat height makes it easier to get in and out of the chair, reducing strain on the knees and back.

When choosing a high rise beach chair, consider factors such as the weight capacity, portability, stability, and the specific features that suit your preferences. It’s also essential to ensure the chair is designed for outdoor use and can withstand exposure to sand, sun, and moisture.

High rise beach chairs are available in various designs, colors, and price ranges. We love these in particular and take them everywhere.

Honorable mention: This is so cool that we had to share it.

The perfect chair for sunning, reading and scrolling on phone! You’re welcome.