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Three Face Shields That are Rocking the PPE Landscape

Coronavirus is unfortunately a part of our lives, at least for now. We have a new vocabulary. “Social distancing, wear your mask, wash your hands frequently and thoroughly“.

Facemasks have become a multi-million dollar industry with the wearers displaying everything from their political views to favorite designer prints to classical art preferences.

Depending upon where we are going and what we’re doing we often find ourselves doubling up wearing a face mask and face shield.

Shields have evolved from basic sheets of flexible plastic adhered to the forehead by a Velcro band to fashion statements.

Here are three face shields generating the most buzz in today’s international market.


Global designer of chic hospitality uniforms, Noel continued her thoughtful design-sensitive approach toward Personal Protective Equipment with the launch of stylish new face shields and eye frames.

““Shields and visors are important but the imposing ones are yet another barrier impacting the personal, peaceful spa experience,” Asmar stated.  “We saw a need to introduce a stylish, discrete face shield that looks and feels friendlier while protecting the wearer against liquid splashes.”

Widely used among beauty professionals it is notably cost friendly.

Available at www.​noelasma­runiforms.​com



With a expat perspective grounded in wellness, this e-commerce site keeps abreast of what’s trending in the global market, especially Asia which sets the tone for futurism.

These unisex, ergonomically designed shields are the first to expand from clear to a wide range of gradient and solid colors providing a new twist in PPE.

Lightweight and convenient they can also be worn with glasses.

Seen on celebrities and fashionistas around the world they are paired with masks for a protective fashion statement.

Available at Well Sleep Relax



Earlier this year, as a response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, New York City-based designer Joe Doucet conceptualized a fashionable and protective face shield.

Unlike many other face shields, this lightweight visor’s sleek and futuristic design also features integrated, dark sunglass lenses and a sun protection coating.

Designed for indoor wear, its transparent version offers blue light protection from screen stress and harsh lighting.

Available at Vueshield

With such incredible styling to update your PPE, which one will you choose?