However, if you love a grit free car, keeping a vacuum that can plug into the car outlet is a better investment. The best one are between $45 and $75, which means that they would pay for themselves in less than a year. For me, the sanitation aspect is priceless because I’m no longer stressing about contracting germs.
Is the vacuum as strong as the public ones? Of course not, those are industrial and designed to suck up everything not nailed down.
But when I did a side by side comparison, the portable vacuum held up beautifully for every day messes. What more do you really need?
Is it as easy to use? Definitely. You can purchase the battery operated or corded version. Emptying and cleaning the filter is simple as well.
And as for convenience, it can’t be beat. Although it’s not difficult to make it to the car wash once a week, having something that can literally be stored in the car, sanitized and used at any time is pretty amazing.