Avocado Entrepreneurs Rock Sustainability

I love avocados. My favorite sandwich is sliced avocado and fat slices of Jersey tomato with a schmear of mayo on a crusty Italian roll. I would be the first to admit that I never gave a thought to the skin or seed. But that’s why I was particularly impressed by a company called Drink Reveal.

Started by two Drexel University students, CEO & Founder Sheetal Bahirat, M.S. Culinary Art & Science and and COO, Zuri Masud, M.S Food Science, they decided to reduce food waste by discovering the hidden value in the food people would normally call trash.

In this case, it was the avocado seed. Here’s their story-

“One day while making a bowl of guacamole in the kitchen we realized we were left with more seeds and skin than pulp. We had a lovely snack but we created so much “waste” in the process. That was the day we decided these gems were no longer trash.  Reveal is our first line of beverages made from up-cycled products and we are happy to reveal our first drink is a special brew made from the avocado seed!

Our team is focused on utilizing our resources to the best of our ability to truly promote an up-cycling system and emphasize the RE-USE, in the 3 R’s of sustainability (reduce reuse recycle). We want to capture every drop of value before we declare something is no longer useful. Everyone can be a part of this movement because all it takes is one question, what else?”

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