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Morning Headaches? Check Your Cell Phone

Do you take your I-phone, android or I-pad to bed with you? I do. I know experts say it’s not conducive to a restful sleep but I’m sorry. Bedtime is when I catch up on pop-culture, videos andย  e-mail.

More times than not I fall asleep before putting my phone away. I may wake up to find it under my pillow, stuck between the mattress and headboard and on rare occasions under my body!?

I’m embarrassed to admit that I even get neck pain or headaches from the contortions I go through to get in a comfortable position with my phone. I had no idea that the more I lowered my head, the more weight I was forcing upon my neck. And this is not even taking into consideration the twisted spine from laying sideways.

That’s why I took a chance, decided to invest in this device and it literally changed my life.

So are you still propping your phone on pillow? Let me know.