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6 Best Products for Deep Sleep in 2021

Blessings and Happy New Year to you. We are thrilled to see the end of 2020 and I am consciously ignoring any nasty psychic remnants that are still hovering in the atmosphere.

Right now in 2021 my focus is totally on emotional clearing, rejuvenation, healing and prosperity.

One of the first places I’m beginning is with sleep. On too many nights last year, I just didn’t sleep well because  of stress. It played a big part of my life. I managed to keep it under control with meditation but unfortunately emotional eating also played a large part of self- soothing. My finances were not stable, friends were suffering from job layoffs  and two much beloved family members died.

So this year I’m on a mission to make a good night’s sleep part of my routine. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control sleep calculator, here’s how much sleep we should be getting.

To achieve the above goals, our team has found some of the best products in the world for a deep sleep. We’ve tested them and we’re obsessed!  All cost less than $50 dollars. When you do the math for a full year of sleep, that figures out to seven cents a night. Pretty good huh? Now, check these out.

U-Shape Side Sleeping Pillow

U-Shape Side Sleeping Pillow

Sometimes it’s hard to strike a perfect balance for sleep positioning. This snug full body pillow is perfect to give the relaxing sleep you need. Designed to contour the entire body it’s perfect for side sleepers. It also provides support for your legs and arms. Use it as a bolster for pre-sleep reading or tv. You’ll wonder how you did without it.  (SHOP NOW)


Sleep Therapy Curation Machine

We love listening to soothing sounds like ocean waves, thunder, forest birds and crickets. But imagine if you could combine your favorites to lull you to sleep. This sound machine curator allows a combo of 30 mixes guaranteed to put you under. Just be sure to set your alarm clock. (SHOP NOW)


Deep Sleep Neck Relief Pillow


How annoying and painful is it to awaken with a “crick” in your neck? Our Deep Sleep Addiction Pillow & cover provides perfect cervical support to head and neck using specially coated micro air balls. No more morning headache or neck aches. Wake up feeling refreshed and pain free. (Shop Now).

Real Women Luxury Silk PJ’s M-5XL

If you want the best sleep it’s important what you wear to bed. It was also important to find a product with a range of sizes to fit our staff.  Silk is extremely comfortable, as well as thermo-regulating. You’ll never be too hot or too cold. Plus we love how wearing these luxurious pajamas  feels like a hug from the outside in. At these affordable prices, they’re well worth the investment. (Shop Now)

Better Sleep Memory Foam Leg Pillow

Waking up with stiffness or sciatic pain is no joke.  This targeted knee joint pillow provides excellent support and can significantly improve spinal alignment. You’re more comfy while sleeping and it helps to relieve back, hips, legs, knees, as well as improving blood circulation in both legs. (Shop Now)


Deep Comfort Winter Cat Bed

You’re not the only one who needs sleep; your fur baby needs rest too. We promise they’ll fall in love with their  plush sleeping cave. So cute and warm for winter or drafty areas. Cushioned inside to reduce noise. Non slip. Easy washable liner.  (Shop Now)