A Professional’s Advice for a Spa Facial At Home

I would be lying if I told you that  DIY skincare at home feels as good as having an esthetician’s warm experienced hands gliding over your skin. I will tell you that maintaining the health and quality of your skin is not difficult. But you need to have a good routine. And you must invest in the products and tools that work with your skin.

I’ve worked as a skincare specialist for over 15 years. Six of those years were spent as a retail training consultant. I’ve had the benefit and luxury of having a lot of five-star treatments with the best products the world has to offer.

Having good skin is a choice. Sure genetics plays a part, but it’s also contingent upon your daily habits: what you eat, how much water you drink, how much sleep you get,  if you smoke. Assuming you are moderately successful at all of the above and don’t smoke (that stuff clogs the pores) here is what you want to do for bright, moist glowing skin.

Wrap a towel around your torso and tie your hair back.

  1. Prep your skin with a double-cleansing. I like cream cleansers because they break down oil and makeup without stripping the skin. Most of us are sheltering in place right now, so you’re probably not wearing a lot of makeup. If you wear mascara, dampen a cotton round with eye makeup remover and wipe downward.

2. Begin your cleanse with upward strokes on your decollete (chest). Proceed upward on your throat, go as far back as under the earlobes. Cleanse your entire face always working upward. Work the cleanser around the eyes in a circular motion traveling inward towards the nose.

3. Splash the face until the cleanser is gone or remove the cleanser with a warm wet cloth. Repeat the entire process. sing, it’s time to exfoliate or slough off the top layer of skin cells. This prepares the skin for everything that’s to follow. I like to use fruit acid-based exfoliants (AHA’s)as I find that they allow you to get into the nooks and crannies of the skin.

4. Once a week for a deeper exfoliation, I’ll use my ultra-sonic skin scraper once a week. I fell in love with that tool years ago in the treatment room. I discovered it removed the dead cells from oily, sensitive, acne-prone, and mature skin with no irritation. It also causes no hyper-pigmentation to delicate African-American skin.

5. Steam your skin over a bowl for a few minutes. This will soften the sebum, in the pores.

6. Using short strokes while you hold your skin taut, apply your electric vacuum pore cleanser to areas of congestion. This tool also has a microdermabrasion component. Use it very lightly working from the jawline to the inner face with light strokes. Avoid the eye area.

7. Remove debris with a warm washcloth.

8. For this next step, I like to do some lifting which can be performed a few ways. Since last year, I’ve been obsessed with my Microcurrent Skin Rejuvenation Lifter, which noticeably improves the facial contour and reduces wrinkles. You can also get fantastic results using a manual jade roller, or gua sha. Asian beauties have used these tools for thousands of years. They are famous for having ageless, flawless skin. Keep your jade in the refrigerator for extra benefit.

9. After lifting, apply a mask for 10-15 minutes. The type depends upon what your skin needs. After taking my skin through these many steps, I like to use one that’s luxurious, exotic, soothing hydrating and anti-aging.

10. Remove it with cool water. Apply your favorite serum and moisturizer.

When people ask you if spas have reopened,  just wink and tell them that you have an in-house esthetician.

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