Eyebrow Tinting At Home is Easier Than You Think

As a beauty professional, I would be hard-pressed to tell you that any service normally performed by a professional can be achieved at home with the same results. Pros have spent hundreds, even thousands of hours honing their craft, from science to art.

But I can say that by following certain rules and using the tips I’m going to share, you’ll be able to look good until you are able to get back in the chair of your highly skilled beauty professional.


Let’s talk about brows, specifically tinting.  It’s not as difficult as you might believe. Here’s what you need:

Brow Tinting Kit

Vaseline or light concealer

Beauty (magnifying) mirror if you have one.

Old towel or t-shirt

Stiff Angled or Flat edge brow brush

Spoolie brush

5 tissues

First, cover yourself up so no color splatters on you.

Next, brush your brows with a spoolie to lift and separate them. If they are overly long you may trim from the top using small manicure scissors. If you have never done this before, don’t do it now.

Next, get your stiff angled brow brush. You can also use a small flat edged brush. The key to brow tinting is precision. You want to use an applicator that allows you to outline the brow and deposit color with precision.

Using Vaseline, or concealer, place some on the brush tip and apply it on the skin around the entire circumference of the brow including the arch. Do not rush this process. Be very careful to avoid the hair in this area.

Mix the eyebrow tint according to instructions. (if your skin is sensitive, patch test first in the crook of your arm)

Using the same brush (remember to wipe it off well) dip it into the color and carefully apply to the brow. I always like to keep the tint on about 10 minutes longer but this is a personal preference. Instructions on the box always errs on the side of less time.

After processing wipe the brows off with a tissue. Using clear water, and tissue wipe again until all product is removed from your brow and face. Do not use soap on brows. Brows will appear darker while they are damp. If you’ve stained the skin around your brows, a mild alpha-hydroxy based exfoliant applied with a Q-tip will generally remove it.

Color will need to set so leave your brows alone for 24 hours. Enjoy.

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