Sleep & Bath

Ariana Huffington’s 6 Rules for Better Sleep

So you’ve decided in 2020 that you’re going to take better control over your sleep habits. You’ve invested in the right memory foam pillow to perfectly support your head. You’ve placed your new natural Selenite quartz crystal lamp on your nightstand to bring in positive vibes. Good job so far! Now here are six more things that sleep guru Ariana Huffington’s  says will ensure a perfect night’s sleep.

    1. No electronic devices starting 30 minutes before bedtime
    2. Take a hot bath with Epsom salts before bed to help calm your mind and body 
    3. Change into pajamas, a nightdress or even a special T-shirt
    4. Keep your bedroom dark, quiet and cool
    5. Avoid caffeine after 2 p.m.
    6. Remember, your bed is for sleep and sex only

Good night.