Why An Angry Kitchen Mama Cleans Better Than You

When I first moved to Asia I could see for miles from my balcony. But in the past few months, visibility has been reduced, mostly due to the air pollution. Seeing so many on the street wearing filter masks has made me very aware of the importance of keeping in the air in our home as pollution free as possible. I use air filters and humidifiers to improve air quality.

Another tactic I employ is to use natural cleaning products like vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice, especially in my kitchen. In Asia almost no one cooks; it’s too hot and food is literally everywhere. So our microwave gets used a lot. My Angry Kitchen Mama has become such an essential no-brainer because she doesn’t used chemicals. Plus she’s so cute even when mad. Watch how fast she cleans

easy way to clean a microwave oven

I use it every few days to keep everything pristine.

You can thank me later.