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Fashion’s Futuristic Faux Leather Jewelry

For many, feeling good is aligned with looking good. And looking good never means following the crowd when it comes to fashion. The beginning of a new decade means a fresh start for everyone – with everything from wellness routines, career trajectories and personal relationships, to wardrobes and closets receiving the full 2020 makeover. Though a new year’s clean out of your clothes and shoes may seem like the obvious choice, we recommend taking the opportunity to conduct a major jewelry overhaul (believe me, you’ll be shocked by how many pieces you’re hoarding).


The new decade brings with it a jewelry box full of new and exciting trends that will make the pieces of the 2010s distant memory. Although a few things are for certain; our collective obsession with astrology jewelry isn’t going anywhere, and the chain-link trend that resurfaced towards the back end of 2019 is continuing strong into the New Year. Among those two staples, we’ll be seeing more mixed metals, and a definite leaning towards statement pieces.

We at Well, Sleep Relax have collected some of the best. From the silver sculptured collar and bracelet to cracked leather wrap bracelet to square statement ring Definitely with a futuristic modern influence we guarantee that you’ll def not see yourself on the catwalk of Rittenhouse Square or Seventh Ave. Plus we love the edginess of the faux leather. Indulge.