Sleep & Bath

The Secret of a Luxury Bath

I am definitely a bath chick. To me, one aspect of wellness is self-love. I choose baths over showers anytime; I think they’re more indulgent. They require more thought. To make a good bath your tub area should be equipped with all of the necessary accoutrements aside from outrageously thick towels and bath mats. Here’s my personal list:
Bath oils-check
Bath cushion-check
Bath caddy-double check
Frivolous reading material-check
Champagne? Of course
Dry spray oil-check

Having a job which affords me the opportunity to experience some of the finest hotels in the world, only made my bathroom snobbishness worse. I make no excuses.

That’s why I love this fabulous bath caddy. I’ve gone to three hotels that had this item in their bathroom and I thought it was the ultimate perk. Using it, I felt like a celebrity. I bought one for myself!

It keeps everything that I need right at my fingertips. Plus it’s bamboo so it’s eco-friendly.

And I would never think about bathing without my bath pillow. When I was a child, I remember seeing my Mom prepare her bath by by rolling up a thick towel to place behind her head. This is the updated, improved version of a good idea.

I love it because it’s mesh so it dries quickly and doesn’t get a moldy buildup that other bath pillows develop.

Now that you know the secret what’s stopping you?