Lizzo Shows How to Get Your Home Workout

Lizzo Shows How to Turn Up Your Home Workout

During the past few months, millions of people have been forced to workout from home. We’re seeing routines based on using furniture, kitchen cabinets, and outdoor patios as fitness stations. The creativity is proving you can turn almost any area into a calorie-burning center. But after two months you may be looking to add some spice to your routine. How is your home workout plan working?

Sure gyms in some cities are re-opening — but can you really trust them? For many of us the home workout may be the best option for a few more months.

Celebrities have also been revealing some of their exercise secrets. I turned to Lizzo’s social feed on TikTok because the star has been dropping some routines that will add more spice to any home workout.

She uses a mix of body weight, exercise bands, battle ropes, and hits the yoga mat. Lizzo is proof that it’s not just “a lot of slim chicks posting they workouts” on social media.

@lizzoSeen a lot of slim chicks posting they workouts on here so I thought I’d join the fun. If you’re watching this just know you’re beautiful!♬ Tempo (feat. Missy Elliott) – Lizzo

We shared how Jessamyn Stanley, the plus-sized yogi has been a motivating force who breaks the stereotypes. There is something in physical fitness for all of us. You just have to find your lane.

Resistance Band Set 11-Pieces for Home or Gym

You may not be able to create a dedicated home gym with the rack of dumbbells and a variety of cardio machines like Lizzo in your space.

But you can follow Lizzo’s example and spruce up your home workout routine with some new gear from our wellness collection. This fitness mix of bands, yoga mats, and home pilates gear is selected to be effective and affordable.

Just because spas are off-limits doesn’t mean a great massage isn’t possible. This deep tissue massage gun is a favorite for professional and college athletes. Give those sore or aching muscles a treat with a mix of pressure that you apply in the privacy of your home.

We don’t know when things will be back to normal with gyms, spas, and even outdoor workouts. By adding a mix of products to your home fitness station you can avoid the COVID-15 (pounds) and maintain your body as we move into the summer months.

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