LED Ocean Projector with USB Remote Control

Ramp Up Your Mermaid Vibe with this LED Ocean Projector

As a March-born Piscean, I’m obsessed with the ocean. It began at a very early age when my family would vacation on the Atlantic. Our experiences ranged from Martha’s Vineyard to Wildwood, NJ to the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

When I was in my teens I flew to Hawaii and surfed in the Pacific. In my twenties and thirties, I developed a love affair with the Caribbean that drew me back more than 30 times. I’ve traveled across Asia and each body of water holds a unique fascination. None are the same.

Ocean lovers around the world agree; the air, sounds, aroma; everything about the beach is wonderful. It has the ability to relax and calm the most harried mind.

So I was thrilled to discover this fantastic little device, that puts me right in the midst of an ocean floor. It comes with a remote which gives the option to adjust the colors and ocean sounds. After a few minutes of absorbing the softly undulating colors, I feel totally zen. Pisces perfection.