Are You Paying Too Much for Your Face Mask? Amazon Pulled Over 1 Million Items Capitalizing on Coronavirus

Amazon is banning third-party merchants who violate its policies while selling items related to the coronavirus disease. Following reports by WIRED and others of price gouging and misleading claims, the retail giant confirmed it had removed or blocked over 1 million products that falsely advertised to defend against or cure the illness also known as Covid-19. It’s best to get your face mask from fair sellers and allow time to avoid price gouging.

The Amazon website has removed tens of thousands of items—such as face masks—that were listed for inflated prices. Sellers have also tried making a profit by tacking on exorbitant shipping costs, sometimes in the hundreds of dollars, also in violation of Amazon’s rules. Media outlets reported that some Amazon sellers had jacked up the prices on face masks by four or five times what they cost only a few weeks before.

portable soap, disposable soap, wash your hands and reduce coronavirus transmission
Portable and disposable soap is a great thing to keep in your purse or pocket.

Experts in the US now recommend wearing a mask in public.  These can be effective in preventing the spread of germs to others while talking or sneezing. As the number of coronavirus cases and deaths continues to grow many people are stocking up on supplies like face masks, hand sanitizer, and nonperishable food.

The risk of catching Covid-19 continues to increase in the US. School closings, work-from-home and event cancellations have become the new normal around the world. As a global brand Amazon wants to show responsibility to consumers who deserve fair information and prices.

Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) want Americans to help “flatten the curve”. The intent is to slow down the major outbreak in the country. The recommendation to wear a face mask is part of the updated guidance from the medical community and the government. The goal remains to reduce the long term effects of this global pandemic.

Simple measures like proper hand-washing and not touching your face are also deemed important to help prevent the spread of the disease.