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Straw Bags Makes Me Feel like Summer

This time of year, at the end of February is when I start to receive advertisements and see commercials for Spring and Summer clothing. Fashion Week from New York to Paris is taking place so it makes sense.

What really speaks the coming of summer more than anything else are straw bags. I’ve always felt as though they were classic fashion, a little vintage, a little nostalgic. Each season offers a new twist.

But, it’s a style that will never die. Sustainable, slow fashion.

If you were lucky enough to find one in your Mom or Grandma’s closet, you could dust it off, wear it and not miss a beat.

When I carry a straw bag, it instantly transports me to Eve’s Bayou in Lousiana. I want to link arms with my sister (who’s also carrying a straw bag) and stroll along the wooden river bridge.

A straw bag is what the women from Lemonade or  Julie Dash’s Daughters of the Dust would carry their handkerchiefs in.

When you see our incredible selection of styles you’ll understand. And don’t let the choices stress you. Buy two.