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The Best Summer Fashion Hack for Fat Upper Arms

Pareos, also known as sarongs, are versatile pieces of fabric that can effortlessly transform your look from beachside casual to chic city vibes. Whether you’re spending a relaxing day at the beach or exploring the bustling streets of a city, pareos can be your go-to fashion accessory. Because they come in various weights, colors and price points, they can’t be beat.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some creative and stylish ways to wear pareos for both beach and city settings, allowing you to make the most of this fabulous piece of fabric.

P.s. We love the Forty Plus site for some of the chicest ideas around!

Tank and halter dresses are summer classics. You probably have at least one in your closet. This Amazon find comes in scads of color, has good weight and upper body coverage. Perfect for every age group!

However if you’re a woman of a certain age or a thick chick, you may not feel confident exposing your upper arms. Pareos to the rescue! Create a shrug or loose jacket by tieing the two ends of fabric together and slipping it over your shoulders for instant chic. If you have an oversized scarf in your closet, that works well too.

City Style with Pareos:
Layered Skirt: Pareos can be just as fashionable in the city as they are on the beach. Create an urban-chic outfit by using the pareo as a layered skirt. Wear a fitted tank top or a crop top and wrap the pareo around your waist, securing it with a stylish belt. This look is perfect for strolling around the city, exploring cafes, or shopping with friends.

Statement Scarf: Pareos can also be a unique alternative to regular scarves. For a trendy city ensemble, drape the pareo around your neck, leaving one end longer than the other, and let it hang stylishly over your shoulder. This look adds a touch of bohemian flair to any outfit and works well with dresses, blouses, or even a basic tee and jeans.

Beach Style with Pareos:
The Classic Sarong Wrap: The most common and easiest way to wear a pareo at the beach is the classic sarong wrap. Simply wrap the pareo around your waist, tie a knot on the side, and let the excess fabric flow down. This look is not only stylish but also practical, making it easy to throw on over your swimsuit. Choose bright, vibrant colors and tropical prints to enhance that beachy vibe.

Boho Beach Dress: For a bohemian beach look, transform your pareo into a chic beach dress. Start by draping the fabric around your shoulders, crossing it over your chest, and tying it at the waist. The result is a flowy and effortless beach dress that keeps you cool and stylish throughout the day. Pair it with some flip-flops or strappy sandals, and you’re all set!

The versatility of pareos makes them an essential addition to your wardrobe, serving as a beach cover-up and a chic city accessory. From classic sarong wraps at the beach to layered skirts and statement scarves in the city, pareos offer endless styling possibilities. So, the next time you plan a beach vacation or a day out in the city, don’t forget to pack your pareo and experiment with different looks that exude confidence, comfort, and style. Embrace the versatility of pareos, and let your creativity shine!