Unbeatable Summer Comfort: Sumptuous Throws and Pillows for Ultimate Relaxation!

Last week I was talking to my aunt who lives in San Diego. Although the city is known for having perfect temperate weather year round, she feels as though it’s gotten a bit cooler over the years. It could be attributed to global warming trends, getting older or both. This lead to a whole conversation about how we both love to be cozy and no matter what the weather, always have a luxurious throw and pillow nearby.

When we think of throws and pillows, our minds often drift to cozy winter evenings snuggled up by the fireplace. But wait, who says luxury and comfort are limited to the colder months? This summer, we’re breaking the traditional norms and embracing the concept of year-round indulgence with the most sumptuous and stylish throws and pillows that promise unbeatable summer comfort!

Why Wait for Winter? Luxuriate in Style This Summer!

I am totally in love with my tri-tone fuzzy pillows and ermine print throws that I use on my sofa. I had planned to switch them out for a more summery look but they’re super soothing and calm my nerves.
When it comes to luxurious pillows and throws, there are several options available that can enhance both the comfort and aesthetics of your living space. Here are some suggestions:

Cashmere Throws: Cashmere is a premium and ultra-soft fabric that provides exceptional warmth and coziness. Cashmere throws are lightweight, yet incredibly warm, making them ideal for draping over your shoulders or snuggling up with on a chilly evening. State Cashmere is  a great brand  if you want to splurge!Faux cashmere is a great alternative for lux without the higher cost.

Faux Fur Throws: Nothing says lux like fur. Faux is a perfect alternative as it provides less weight and no harm to precious animal lives. What’s available today is so posh and pleasing to the hand as well as the eye that you may find yourself buying several for your living room, bedroom and lounging areas.

We do want to warn against purchasing super cheap throws, unless they are on sale.Remember you get what you pay for and you don’t want shedding or garments that don’t wash well.

Lux pillows

We are totally in love with these! They wash well and come in every color you can imagine.

While the temperature may be rising outside, there’s no reason your home can’t be an oasis of relaxation and tranquility. Imagine yourself lounging effortlessly on your patio, by the poolside, or even in the comfort of your air-conditioned living room, surrounded by these opulent accessories – it’s pure bliss!