The Secret Ingredient For Longer Lashes Your Esthetician May Not Tell You About

  • I’m a former esthetician and I recall that years ago, many of my clients began using a prescription medication named Latisse as an eyelash growth enhancer.


I would see them one month for their facial and their lashes were short and stubby. I would see them five or six weeks later and their lashes had grown like crazy; long and dense.


Naturally, the beauty world took notice and began creating eyelash serum growth enhancers with the same active ingredient as Latisse, which is what caused the extreme growth.

The following year US companies were no longer allowed to make the product due to a trademark issue. Beauty companies struggled to find a replacement ingredient but they never quite duplicated the success of the previous serum.
However, overseas companies have created Miraclash, a serum with Bimotoprost .

It is hands down the # 1 best selling Latisse alternative on the international market.  It gives the same incredible results. Desire for long lush lashes has never gone away and never will. I’m stocking up on it and I suggest you do too.

As a side note, if you love lash extensions and your favorite salon is closed due to COVID-19, now is a perfect time to build your own lashes up. Making them longer and stronger will provide better support for extensions or falsies.