Ziggy Marley Launches Vegan CBD Wellness Product Line for Pets
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Ziggy Marley Launches Vegan CBD Wellness Product Line for Pets

Here is a dose of good news for pet lovers. Ziggy Marley, the oldest son of iconic Jamaican reggae artist Bob Marley, has introduced a line of wellness products for pets. An eight-time Grammy Award winner and dog lover, Ziggy Marley launched the brand Ziggy Marley Apawthecary, which is designed to offer vegan, CBD wellness products for pets. The company’s first product, Romeo’s Agility Chews, was developed in partnership with the botanical wellness brand One Farm. The chews are made from organic ingredients that include shitake mushrooms, cordyceps fungus, and turmeric.

Noting that nature has always had a large role in his life, Marley said he was attracted to the One Farm brand because it uses whole-plant ingredients and has a commitment to “quality, sustainability, and transparency.”

Ziggy Marley Launches Vegan CBD Wellness Product Line for Pets

Marley’s initial inspiration for the Apawthecary line is his four-footed canine companion Romeo. In 2020, Marley welcomed the puppy into his home and formed an instant connection with him. Romeo was also the inspiration for Marley’s children’s book “My Dog Romeo” and a song of the same name. It was watching the high activity level of the puppy that prompted Marley to consider how he could take better care of his joint health. He said that playing soccer nearly every day throughout his life has taken a toll on his knees.

In addition to the other ingredients, Romeo’s Agility Chews contain five milligrams of organic CBD from One Farm. The chews are peanut-butter-flavored and help fight inflammation and support the overall mental and physical well-being of dogs.

One Farm was founded in 2017 and offers several CBD-based products, such as oils and powdered additives for beverages. According to the firm’s CEO and founder Scott Cusack, he started One Farm to share nature’s remedies in a sustainable way to enrich people’s lives. The health and wellness of pets are important to that enrichment, he added.

Marley is not alone among celebrities embracing CBD. The vegan musician Travis Barker’s CBD brand, Barker Wellness, also launched a line of products for cats and dogs in 2021, which include daily nutritional supplements designed to relieve stress, alleviate joint and muscle discomfort, and improve overall mood in pets. Actor Kristen Bell introduced her vegan CBD skincare brand, Happy Dance, in Ulta Beauty stores in the United States. The brand provides bath bombs and body butters that are infused with CBD.

Ziggy Marley Apawthecary plans to introduce other wellness products in the future, including Romeo’s CBD Oil, which will be available as a topical application to help reduce anxiety levels in pets and as a food additive to support hip and joint health.

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