8 Blue Zones Lessons To Live your Best Life

A few places in the world are called “Blue Zones.” The term refers to geographic areas in which people have low rates of chronic disease. Life unfolds more slowly, more quietly, and with less urgency. People’s lives aren’t laced with worry, hurry, and the constant need to be elsewhere. Not coincidentally, perhaps, they live sleep better and live longer lives.

Have a religion or spiritual life.

Make time each week, and sometimes each day, to take the focus off our mortal lives and ponder something bigger.

Feel beholden to a community.

Learn who your neighbors are. Reach out to them frequently. If they’re elderly ask how you can assist them to make their life easier.

Grow a garden.

Nothing slows you down like petunias and tomatoes.  Nothing is more relaxing than getting your hands in soil.

Eat with family or friends.

Conversation always accompanies food, which by definition, makes for slower eating.

Do happy hour a few times each week. 

Have a glass of red wine everyday. It’s good for your heart.

Take a daily nap.

Take a cue from Ikarians and take a mid-afternoon break. Napping lowers stress hormones and rests the heart.

Move more, move often, move naturally.

Blue zones centenarians  walk most places — forcing them to schedule fewer things.

Sleep enough.

People in blue zones regions rise with sun and sleep with night. They sleep the eight to 10 hours experts say is the optimal amount to revitalize our brains and bodies.