Sleep & Bath

Driving While Sleeping-a Bad Combination

One of the scariest things in life is to doze off while driving. I swear, sometimes it doesn’t even feel like you’re asleep because you hear everything going on around you and then BAM! Your head snaps up, eyes jerk open and you’re in a cold panic thanking God that you didn’t rear-end anyone.

I use to drive about 80 miles to and from work every day, from Philadelphia to North Jersey. That’s when I first heard the jock shock, Howard Stern. He was so outrageous that he kept me awake mornings. But early evenings traveling home were horrible. The sun was facing me and the car was very warm. I would turn the music up but  after training all day I was just drained.


I wish they’d had this device back then. I would have bought it in a heartbeat. It’s lightweight, gets great reviews and is just what a long distance driver needs. The way that it works is brilliant; when your head drops beyond a certain point an alarm goes off in your ear.

Watch how it works-

I’m buying this for everyone in my family who drives!